A Home That Understands Luxury - walk-in closet

A Home That Understands Luxury

Finding that perfect place to live is always a journey. But sometimes, an apartment community just stands out, offering those extra touches that turn a safe space into a home. At Alexan Mills 50, every little detail works together to provide an experience of comfort and style. Join us on a virtual tour of a home that understands luxury.

Morning Coffee and Sunrise Views

One of the nicest things about a home is having your own outdoor space. At Alexan Mills 50, select homes come with their own private patios. Imagine stepping out every morning with your cup of coffee, feeling the fresh air, and maybe even catching a sunrise. Or perhaps, after a long day, you’d prefer to sit out with a book, or just gaze at the stars. Having a patio means having a little escape right at your doorstep. It’s a spot where indoors meets outdoors, giving you the best of both worlds.

A Place for Everything

We all have stuff. Clothes, shoes, hats, bags – you name it. The challenge is always where to put it all. That’s where our custom-upgraded closet systems at Alexan Mills 50 come in. These aren’t your average closets. They make sure there’s a place for everything. Whether you have a ton of shoes or an array of scarves, these closets help you organize with ease. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to neat, tidy spaces. It’s like having a personal assistant just for your wardrobe.

Luxury Flooring

When it comes to the floors, we at Alexan Mills 50 have taken a stylish yet homely approach. Our apartments come with wood-inspired luxury plank flooring throughout. Not only does this give homes a chic, modern look, but it also offers the warm feeling of wood underfoot. Whether you’re walking around barefoot or just admiring how it complements your furniture, this flooring choice checks both the boxes of style and comfort.

Come join us at Alexan Mills 50 and live in a home that understands luxury. Schedule your private tour today!