Living in Luxury and Bliss - B3 luxury two-bedroom Floor Plan

Living in Luxury and Bliss

Believe that a home’s heart lies in its design? When one thinks about the perfect blend of vintage charm and modern luxury, the Alexan Mills 50’s B3 floor plan instantly springs to mind. With a spacious living area of 1,056 SF, this layout defines living in luxury and bliss. Let’s dive deep into what makes this floor plan so special.

Spacious Living Areas

The most alluring aspect of the B3 floor plan is its generously spaced living areas. Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, this space offers ample room to relax, enjoy, and unwind. One of the best parts is, the living area seamlessly blends into the dining and kitchen areas, making it perfect for those who love an open concept home.

Relaxing in Bliss

Sleeping quarters in the B3 floor plan offer you maximum comfort. The two bedrooms are more than just a place to rest your head. They are sanctuaries where relaxation and rejuvenation happen. Both bedrooms boast expansive living space, ensuring that you have enough room for all your belongings. Plus, with large windows, you can wake up to the soft glow of the morning sun, setting the right mood to kick-start your day.

A Treasure Trove of Modern Luxury

What’s more unique about the B3 floor plan is how it balances modern amenities with a touch of classic charm. The kitchen is fitted with modern appliances, ensuring you can whip up gourmet meals with ease. Yet, the design elements echo a classic elegance, making your home a beautiful blend of the past and the present. From stylish countertops to state-of-the-art fixtures, every detail oozes with careful thought.

The B3 luxury floor plan at Alexan Mills 50 is a beacon of promise for those in search of living in luxury and bliss. It shows us that the foundation of a good home starts with a great design. Don’t wait. Schedule a tour today!