The Perfect Spaces Filled With Bliss - Munch Floor Plan

The Perfect Spaces Filled With Bliss

Everyone’s home should be their personal haven, a place that perfectly fits your lifestyle like a glove. For those looking for a space that echoes this in mind, Orlando’s Alexan Mills 50 offers the Munch floor plan. Tucked in the heart of Florida’s vibrant city, this design provides an elegant balance for work, play, and relaxation. Let’s embark on a journey through the perfect spaces filled with bliss in this 1,073 SF layout.

One Bedroom of Bliss

The allure of the Munch floor plan starts with its generous one-bedroom design. It is your modern-day sanctuary after dealing with the bustling city life. Imagine unwinding after a busy day, the room adapting to your every mood. Whether you’re reading a book, listening to music, or just soaking in the peace, this bedroom provides the perfect setting for those moments of respite.

Versatile Spaces To Live, Dine, and Work

Beyond the bedroom, the Munch floor plan unveils a series of spaces designed for everyday life. The living area is a testament to comfort, ready to host both quiet evenings or lively gatherings. Adjacent to it, a dedicated dining space awaits, perfect for both quick meals or festive feasts. But the true standout? The generously sized work area. In a world where remote work is increasingly common, this space is a game changer.

Full and Half, The Perfect Combo

The Munch floor plan understands the nuances of daily life. That’s why, instead of settling for a single bathroom, it generously offers one full bathroom and an additional half bathroom. It’s a design choice that spells convenience. No more juggling routines in the morning or navigating through guest visits. Each bathroom has a purpose. It’s smooth, easy living, every day at Alexan Mills 50.

The perfect spaces filled with bliss await you in the Munch floor plan here at Alexan Mills 50. Schedule a tour today!