The Smell of Perfectly Grilled Food - meat grilled on wood fire

The Smell of Perfectly Grilled Food

Picture walking into a place where the grill’s sizzle sets the mood and the smell of perfectly grilled food welcomes you. Welcome to Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, located close to Alexan Mills 50. This isn’t just any steakhouse; it’s a special spot where fire and taste come together to create unforgettable meals. Every dish here is a work of art, and each visit feels like an exciting journey. It fits right in with the fancy lifestyle at Alexan Mills 50, where living in style and luxury is just part of everyday life. Explore Firebirds’ world of food and find out how it brings dining to a new level, just like the classy life its neighbors enjoy.

Perfectly Grilled Steak

At Firebirds, steaks are a feast, not just a meal. Imagine the best beef, chosen with care...

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Forget About the Ordinary - curated clubroom interior with billiard table and luxury chairs and tables

Forget About the Ordinary

Think of a place where every corner whispers luxury, and every amenity shouts comfort. That’s Alexan Mills 50 for you, where we’ve taken upscale living to a whole new level. Forget about the ordinary; we’re here to offer you a lifestyle made with elegance and wrapped in style. Every inch of Alexan Mills 50 ensures an enhanced lifestyle, from our chic clubroom to our...

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Sprinkled with Upscale Luxury - designer studio apartment interior with hardwood-inspired flooring

Sprinkled with Upscale Luxury

Are you muttering, “Is this real, or am I in a fairy land?”. This means you’ve probably just walked into Alexan Mills 50. Here, we don’t just offer apartments; we offer a slice of the high life. Every feature here is a step into a world of elegance and style. It’s like living in a space that came from a magic wand, sprinkled with upscale luxury and then some. If...

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Expect a Dash of Upscale Flair - apartment interior with chef-inspired kitchen and modern quartz countertops

Expect a Dash of Upscale Flair

Living at Alexan Mills 50 is like stepping into a lifestyle magazine that’s come to life. Here, you’re the main character. Imagine a place where luxury wraps around every corner yet still knows how to give you a dash of genuine happiness. That’s the essence of Alexan Mills 50. It’s a world where upscale living meets everyday enjoyment. Who says elegance can’t have...

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Sipping On Fine Wine - a group of friends enjoying fine wine in a winery

Sipping on Fine Wine

At Alexan Mills 50, living is all about embracing an upscale lifestyle. Where every day feels like a page out of a luxury magazine. And what’s more luxurious than sipping on fine wine within the comfort of your neighborhood? That’s where Quantum Leap Winery comes into play, serving as a beacon for wine aficionados and casual sippers alike. Imagine a place where each glass tells a...

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